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Payment is Due on Date of Service or Make Arrangements

Ahpin Dental Centre accepts payment for services by any of the following methods: VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT CARD, CASH and ASSIGNMENT OF BENEFITS. Payment is due on the date of service or payment arrangements must be made before treatment is rendered. Please let us know before treatment if you cannot pay in full for your treatment on the date of service and we would be happy to offer the payment options to you.

Assignment of Benefits

If you would like to pay for your dental treatment by having your benefit cheque sent directly to us (assignment of benefits), we do continue to offer this service to those whose plans allow it. However, you will be required to leave a credit card number and authorization on file with us for us to process any outstanding balances after the benefits cheque has been received in our office. This means that we will wait for the payment from your carrier and we will process a payment on your credit card only if there is a portion of your visit that was not covered by your plan. We would then send you the receipt by mail.

The assignment of benefits option is offered to those patients whose policies will allow the claim payment to be directed to our office. However, some policies will only allow the payment to be directed to the subscriber. So for those patients, the assignment of benefits option is not possible. Those patients would be required to pay for their treatment on the date of service and collect the benefit payment from their carrier. We provide all of the necessary paperwork to submit the claim and, in most cases, can transmit electronically so the payment is received within a week.

Payment Arrangements for Major Treatments

If you are having major treatment (crowns and bridgework) or orthodontics, we will set up payment arrangements before treatment commences. For post-dated payments, we require a credit card on file. We can bill the credit card for the payments or you can leave cheques to be processed on regular dates.

Exceptions to this policy would be those patients covered under government policies such as First Canadian Health Services, Social Services, Child Health Benefits and Veterans Affairs. These patients are not required to leave credit card numbers for us to collect payment from the benefit carriers.

Have any additional questions about our payment policy? Please feel free to contact us!

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